Recession Proof Service

Irrespective of the state of the economy, Straits Design’s highly skilled staff works constantly to help corporate clients re-evaluate their existing system and find upgraded solutions that offer better capital returns for their organisations in the long run.


Public Advisors For Public Lighting

For engineers, traditionally functionality is the sole consideration pertaining to urban lighting but our core team of ‘public advisors’ are now leading the charge on the importance of the form and function of public lighting.



The Schreder Group boasts an enviable 60 year track record in the manufacturing of public lighting fixtures that hails back to 1937. It factory in Ans, Belgium continues to deliver state of the art lighting products that meet the ever changing needs of customers.



The highly motivated Straits Design employees are given the proper training by Schreder’s best, so there is the assurance that the latest innovative products are sold responsibly to projects capable of deriving the maximum benefits from such technologies.


Being Local

with the community

We develop our solutions where they are installed

  • Establish a truly customer centric, local sales force supported by a field application and service network focused on providing the best solutions for their specific applications.
  • Provide our sales teams worldwide with the full support of our core network and their professional expertise in Marketing, R&D, Purchasing and Manufacturing as well as HR Management, Finance and Legal advice.
  • Organise our competence base to provide complete solutions for market segment combinations to anticipate our customer’s needs.
Our Products

Our Services, Our Commitment

Our wish to be local and act together with our customers to best serve their needs made us decide on our organisational structure and its key principles.