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The Schreder Group boasts an enviable 60 year track record in the manufacturing of public lighting fixtures that hails back to 1937. It factory in Ans, Belgium continues to deliver state of the art lighting products that meet the ever changing needs of customers.

Research and Development is a major commitment and the establishment of its R&D centre known as R-Tech at Liege is one of Europe’s most sophisticated lighting laboratory where Schreder designs and develops light fittings from ground principles.

R-Tech is accredited to Cenelec, a European Certification body.

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LED Generation luminaires share the same mission: to provide “the right lighting”.
With Schréder, “the right lighting” with LEDs translates into 4 solid commitments:

  • Developing powerful photometric engines that provide the best possible performance from the LEDs.
  • Reducing energy consumption.
  • Offering reliable solutions.
  • Designing progressive technology.
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